About The Davis Brothers Construction Company

Tom and Bob Davis' combined construction careers add up to about 50 years, 45 million square feet of apartment construction, two million square feet of commercial construction and the enviable reputation of conducting business in a way that keeps both our clients and employees happy.

Our clients appreciate the personal attention we provide. It is company policy to take on only projects that Tom and Bob can personally oversee and manage.

It means turning down some work, but the resulting high quality at reasonable cost has created a chain reaction of repeat business. And the steady work
prevents the common industry problem of turnover among experienced staff and subcontractors.

Clients also appreciate our unique bidding process. It sets up a partnering situation from the beginning in which the owner is represented in every aspect of the project, including the selection of subcontractors. The bid itself becomes a joint effort with no mysteries, and the entire building process functions more smoothly. Problems are seen together and solved together. Change orders are kept to a minimum and surprises are vitually non-existent.

Tom C. Davis
Owner and Partner

Robert N. Davis
Owner and Partner

Brian R. Grein
Construction Superintendent

Ron D. Ryan
Construction Superintendent

Shelly Carlin
Assistant Project Manager